OFFICIAL LAUNCH of at Ottawa’s Wedding Palace Bridal Show!

Last weekend, we had the great privilege of attending another wonderful Wedding Palace Bridal Show here in Ottawa where we were able to meet hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful brides-to-be like you!

This show also marked the official launch of our brand new project:, Eastern Ontario’s first and ONLY online wedding gown preservation service!


Wedding gown preservation is a highly-specialized process that should only be trusted to the experts. That’s why we knew it was time to step in and take the lead. The buzz was undeniable!

Our attentive cleaning specialists will ensure that your dress is returned to you in beautiful condition: thoroughly cleaned, true-to-colour and size, perfectly pressed, and just as you ordered it with a lifetime guarantee. All of this requires a detailed multi-step process – and we can keep you updated through your dress’s journey.

As many brides that have used our services can tell you, not only do we preserve dresses, we also restore them! That means breathing new life into vintage wedding dresses, like the one we showcased on the Wedding Palace Bridal Show runway this year,  and last.

This year’s beautiful dress, seen here, was originally worn in 1951 by Elizabeth Anne Case, when she married the love of her life, John Thomas Richards in Toronto. The bride’s mother had the dress custom-made for Elizabeth, making it a one-of-a-kind historical piece!


This timeless dress has had a remarkable life – travelling around Europe while John was posted as a pilot and a commander. As world-renowned bridal preservation and restoration experts, we were fortunate enough to bring this dress back to its original splendour, as you can see here.

We’re always more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs and your dress specifics. Trust me, after more than 50 years in the industry, we know how important it is to you to ensure the safety and care of your wedding gown!

Join hundreds of brides-to-be and contact us today or check out our new website to learn more.


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